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"Woodchopper's Ball" (#1005)


Woodchopper's Ball

  • Woodchopper's Ball

"Woodchopper's Ball"

as performed by the Woody Herman Orchestra
Instrumentation: Big Band
Level: 1
Notes: This tune was Woody Herman's first big hit and would continue to be rewritten and rearranged for decades as a major anthem for him and his several Herds. Plenty of solo space and easy riffing can be found here over a medium tempo Db blues. This is a great, authentic introduction to the swing era and the blues form for a band of any level! Saxes are CAATT.
Solos: Clarinet, Bone1, Tenor2, Tpt3, Bass
Composer: Joe Bishop, Woody Herman
Arranger: Joe Bishop
Year: 1939
Arrangement Year: 1939
Length: 3:18
= 175
Style: Swing
Sub-Style: Swing Era
Vocal: No Vocals
Lead Tpt G5

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