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"Who Struck John?" (#1033)

Who Struck John?

  • Who Struck John?

"Who Struck John?"

as performed by Johnny Hodges
Instrumentation: Ellington 7-pc
Level: 1
Notes: Also known as "Non-Violent Integration", Who Struck John? is a very simple but very cool head tune, good for jamming on a straight-ahead D major blues. This tune is unusual in it's use of parallel 5th in the rhythm section, otherwise known in modern times as barre chords. There is solo space for nearly everyone on this one so have fun with it.
Solos: Alto, Bone, Piano, Bass, Tpt, Bari
Composer: Duke Ellington, Johnny Hodges
Arranger: Duke Ellington
Year: 1947
Arrangement Year: 1947
Length: 2:45
= 160
Style: Swing
Sub-Style: Swing Era
Vocal: No Vocals
Lead Tpt Gb5

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