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Practicing Well, Part V: The 2-hour / 15-minute strategy

Posted by DannyFratina, 02.25.2013

Avoid practicing for too long and not long enough by breaking your practice session down into fifteen minute blocks.

Practicing Well, Part IV: Keeping a practice journal

Posted by DannyFratina, 01.09.2013

A practice journal will help you track your progress and stay focused, maximizing your efficiency with virtually no downside.

Practicing Well, Part III: Using a metronome.

Posted by DannyFratina, 12.03.2012

If you don’t use a metronome then i am sorry to say you have been practicing inefficiently this entire time. The good news is that It’s never too late to start using one!

Practicing Well, Part II: Warming Up

Posted by DannyFratina, 11.19.2012

Warming up a something that is often both misunderstood and neglected, so let’s quickly clear up a few misconceptions about this crucial component of effective practicing.

Transcribing 101

Posted by DannyFratina, 11.12.2012

A step-by-step guide to getting started with transcribing. Transcribing is the process of hearing something and figuring it out, and is a great skill to work on with many great benefits!

Practicing Well, Part I: Burning out and setting new goals

Posted by DannyFratina, 11.04.2012

If you are burned out and on the verge of "dropping out", building new goals will hopefully give you a second wind.