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Chord Analysis - Flying Lotus - "Never Catch Me"

Posted by DannyFratina, 11.07.2014

Analyzing the harmony and functionality of "Never Catch Me", off the new Flying Lotus album "You're Dead!".

The Immeasurable Legacy of Tiny Kahn, Part II: Over the Rainbow

Posted by DannyFratina, 10.18.2013

Tiny Kahn's contributions to jazz arranging are remarkable but not well-known. Let's analyze a little of his arrangement of "Over the Rainbow" to see if Kahn really was ahead of his time.

Transcribing 101

Posted by DannyFratina, 11.12.2012

A step-by-step guide to getting started with transcribing. Transcribing is the process of hearing something and figuring it out, and is a great skill to work on with many great benefits!

Three techniques to capture the sound of the Ellington 7-Piece

Posted by DannyFratina, 10.14.2012

Let's look at three arranging techniques we can use to reproduce the sound of the Ellington/Hodges band, for melodies, chord progressions, and voicings.