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2013 was an extremely busy year for the site. Through the site I filled a ton of custom orders for some amazing bands in places like Canada, Norway, Australia, Russia, and England, to name a few, and right here at home in states like Alabama, Washington, Florida, New York, and more. I'm filled with a sense of optimism knowing that great music is still being performed all over the globe by fantastic ensembles, expanding the reach of this musical community, while the internet keeps us closer than ever.

I have noticed that many bands are looking for similar pieces of music, or at least tunes from the same band/era/style. I quietly launched a pilot program last year with a handful of bands where I tried to match people together who needed the same tunes, to cut costs for bandleaders commissioning pieces.

After the success of this program, I'm now ready to launch this as an official feature: "Price sharing." The idea is simple: If two bands want the same piece of music, why can't they both split the cost? If they did, each band would be getting 50% off the tunes they want. The hard part is finding two bands that want the same tunes. So by filling out the price sharing form, you are throwing your name into a hat, and as soon as another band with matching info joins the pool, I connect the two of you so we can all figure out exactly what we want and come to an agreement that works best for all involved parties. If your band is working with a smaller budget, but you have some amount of flexibility on which tunes you need, price sharing is definitely for you. There is no risk, though I do ask that you only fill out the form if you are serious about this. There is no financial obligation, but if we find a match, in consideration of the other band's commitment it is important that you are prepared to pledge yourself to at least a small order of charts. There is flexibility though and with a high level of communication between all parties, we should be able to work anything out!


Almost as much as writing, a big part of the work I did this last year put me in the position of consultant. Many bands who hired me for new music subsequently needed advice on getting their band together, getting real gigs, and developing their image to be in line with the standards of the 21st century. Between my own successful start up bands and the growth I've helped others achieve, I've decided to make this resource available to all. Starting now I'm publicly offering consulting services as a feature through this site.

Most of these bands found themselves being advised by me very naturally after working out the details of charts they needed, but there are countless bands that don't necessarily need music that still would like to talk about their band. After applying here, we'll figure out what you are wanting to work on. Whether you are just starting out or are established and looking to boost some aspects of your band, if there is something you want to get assistance with or some area you would like to know more about, hiring a consultant might be for you. We can talk about how to get more/better gigs, how to spruce up your book, how to get a meaningful internet presence, how to increase the size of your fan base, and more. Read more about it here.


Price sharing is open to anyone with a smaller budget who is serious about growing their book, with an unlimited amount of slots. Consulting services has limited space. If either feel like the right fit for you and your band, sign up now!

Here's hoping we can work together in 2014 and beyond!

Danny Fratina

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