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"Lindyhopper's Delight" (#1017)


Lindyhopper's Delight

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"Lindyhopper's Delight"

as performed by the Chick Webb Orchestra
Instrumentation: Big Band
Level: 2
Notes: As standard dance repertoire, Lindyhopper's Delight is a catchy riff tune with a startlingly modern middle chorus that features some relatively harsh sax harmonies flanked by thickly-voiced plunger-supported brass hits. The final chorus is a raucous one, even though the brass are in full octave unison on a concert Bb! This is a great tune for any library though, and a good, albeit sometimes tricky, introduction to plungers for younger brass players. CAATT.
Solos: Tpt4, Bone2, Tenor1, Clarinet
Composer: Teddy McRae, Eddie Barefield
Arranger: Teddy McRae
Year: 1939
Arrangement Year: 1939
Length: 2:45
= 195
Style: Swing
Sub-Style: Swing Era
Vocal: No Vocals
Lead Tpt A5

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