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"Diga Diga Doo" (#1014)


Diga Diga Doo

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"Diga Diga Doo"

as performed by the Artie Shaw Orchestra
Instrumentation: Big Band
Level: 3
Notes: Diga Diga Doo was a heavily covered tune in the 1920s and '30s, but Artie Shaw's version was one of the tightest. A hard swinging and nimble riff vehicle that has some room for solos as well, Diga is a great upbeat piece that isn't too tricky and has lots of fun moments! CAATT.
Solos: Clarinet, Tenor1, Bone2
Composer: James Frances McHugh (Dorothy Fields lyrics omitted)
Arranger: Jerry Gray
Year: 1928
Arrangement Year: 1938
Length: 2:42
= 205
Style: Swing
Sub-Style: Swing Era
Vocal: No Vocals
Lead Tpt C6

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